Smarter money

Lean VC complements VC, CVC, and M&A operations using technology and data to save time, reduce risk, and increase returns 

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We compare startup data against execution playbooks to pick the best opportunities 

  • 12,200+ screenings

    We qualify thousands of startups with a proprietary expert system that easily integrates into any inflow process

  • 50% less time

    Replacing introductory calls, our fully automated engine will collect data and save each VC associate 3-4 hours a day

  • 93+ NPS

    Pick two startups for a quick test and let's start working together for better deals with less risk

Three layers of service

Our value comes from ten years multiplying our own capital, scaling up startups with a 215x return multiple.

  • 1. No touch
    Great for any investor: unlimited reports generated by an automated engine qualifying startups in real time
  • 2. Mid-touch
    Best value for CVCs: regular touchpoints to discuss dealflow data and prioritize investments
  • 3. High-touch
    Perfect for VC funds: deep dives and improvement roadmaps to increase performance on portfolio companies

Here's what our clients say:

  • "Our acceleration program selects 50 startups out of 500+ applications every year. We use Lean VC's technology to pick our batches, reducing selection time from 3 weeks to 48 hours. Incredible value with just a button in our application page."

    Alexandre Souza, Program Manager
  • " believes technology is key for differentiation in the venture capital industry. We partner with Lean VC to integrate additional data into our own proprietary system, improving our visibility over potential investments." 

    Amure Pinho, Founder / CEO
  • "We kept hiring associates to comply with growing deal flow until we started using Lean VC's solution to process every new application. For a cost equivalent of one associate, it drops initial calls and helps our team quickly detect false positives."

    Fund manager (consult for reference)
  • "Questum is an M&A office supporting startup founders in their journey from growth to exit. We use Lean VC technology to accelerate our screening process and help plan for clients' liquidity towards a potential exit."

    Rafael Assunção, Founder / CEO
  • "We have a growing portfolio of 100+ invested startups, making it hard to closely monitor and advise our founders. In less than a week, we implemented Lean VC's startup analysis tool to guide our portfolio management team and had surprising results. By quickly clustering similar companies, we can now proactively approach them or treat their requests without feeling overwhelmed or understaffed." 

    Portfolio Manager (consult for reference)

Let data meet vision

No matter the investment thesis, great startups share a specific data profile. We evaluate their operation to select potential winners.

Lean VC helps investors and corporations implement their vision, delivering a real-time reality check of deal maturity and a list of relevant issues to investigate.

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