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Lean VC supports venture capital funds with data-driven tools to prioritize deal flow and improve portfolio management

We help de-risk investments, speed up screening, guide due diligence, and flip underperforming startups.

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A mindset shift on deal flow analysis

How Lean VC improves deal assessment and screening

  • 1. Productivity boost

    20% to 40% increase in analysis productivity, depending on deal flow stage and volume

  • 2. Discard false positives

    Immediate detection of false positives by automatic marking or visual inspection at a glance 

  • 3. Free up your time

    Increasing drop rate of unfitting deals, freeing up time for better opportunities 

  • 4. Quant, not subjective

    Our maturity score improves assessment and allows for easy deal comparison 

  • 5. Less calls, less research

    Understand the opportunity even before researching or directly contacting the founder 

  • 6. Improved analysis flow

    Easily adapt your analysis process according to the information we provide

  • 7. Screening confidence

    The right information laid out properly, dramatically increasing screening confidence

  • 8. Operational maturity

    Quickly assess how the operation is managed and pinpoint management gaps

  • 9. Information density

    Address relevant issues and important business aspects instead of superficial data 

  • 10. Less risks earlier

    Address common yellow flags earlier than usual, such as cap table and poor management 

  • 11. The gift of feedback

    Our maturity report is the best automatic feedback you'll ever give to funding applicants

  • 12. Be happy

    Experience a whole new way of assessing and screening deal flow

We help VCs make better decisions

Lean VC will deploy a deal qualification engine creating detailed reports and working around the clock.

Our white label expert system will automatically score and prioritize inflow, improve screening efficiency, and save considerable time and costs  

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How it works

Lean VC works in parallel to any inflow process, easily integrated with most deal screening platforms.

  • 1

    Founders click a button

    All it takes is an embedded button in the client's web page, ready to qualify potential investments.

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  • 2

    Founders enter startup data

    Save hours and hours of screening calls while Lean VC's engine gathers specific data from founders in minutes, referencing the newest execution playbooks for startups.

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  • 3

    Rely on the report for analysis

    Lean VC will deliver a detailed report with a comparable score of execution efficiency and attention points for analysis. 

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Nine key benefits for early stage and growth investors

  • Flexible + Plug and play

    Lean VC is white label and quickly integrates into the analysis process.

  • Priorities first

    An ordered list shows which startups should be investigated first.  

  • Faster screening

    All the right questions save time and costs when screening dealflow.

  • Smarter due diligence

    Red flags are detected earlier than usual to save diligence costs.

  • Post-investment roadmap

    What key issues must be improved by each startup after the first tranche?

  • Portfolio visualization

    Clusterize your portfolio to know how well each startup manages operation.

  • Monitor portfolio evolution

    See right through sparkling flash reports by understanding operation efficiency. 

  • Time for an intervention?

    Find out if a portfolio company is doing worse than expected, and take action.

  • Fix underperformers

    If a startup needs fixing, we will help founders improve execution.

Visualize portfolio efficiency

At a glance, understand where each portfolio company stands according to operation efficiency and deep dive to identify execution gaps.

Lean VC can diagnose your entire portfolio, cluster similar operations and suggest roadmaps for improvement on Marketing, Sales, People, Product, and other areas.

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